AKIJUL is a firm that provides consultancy services geared towards enabling the development of individuals, organisations and communities. The word AKIJUL is a derivative from the Ateso word Akijulakini, which means ‘to change’. The name AKIJUL, captures the firm’s purpose; to enable and facilitate change, which change we consider to be synonymous with development.

Meaningful and sustainable development cannot be forced or imposed. For meaningful development and change to occur, individuals and organizations need to be facilitated and guided through interventions that ultimately enable them to make informed and conscious decisions on where they would like to go (in their development), and how. Therefore, in addition to ensuring that clients are able to attain the outcomes they seek, AKIJUL also emphasizes the need to get the process right.

That is why we use approaches and methods that enable us create greater consciousness amongst our clients. We mainly work with the wisdom of the situation, unearthing the potential and building on best practices to resolve organizational issues, assess and develop strategic programmes, and enable individuals in the organizations to be the best they can be.

Values and Principles

AKIJUL is guided by values and principles represented by the practice of Organisation Development (OD) that include:

  • People (and organizations) should have the opportunity to learn and develop towards a full realization and actualization of individual (and organization) potentials.
  • In order to attain the above, the role of the consultant is to create environments in which people have the opportunity to make choices, to realize their potential, and to contribute to the organisation’s well being.
  • Respect and appreciation of different perspectives
  • The process is as important as the outcome.
Our Approaches and Methodologies

The values and principles that underpin our work are reflected in the following main approaches and methodologies that the firm employs:

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Rights Based Approach to Development
  • Results Based Management
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Adult Learning Methodologies
  • Gender Analysis

Core Services

AKIJUL provides the following core services:

  1. Programme Development, Review and Evaluation
  2. Organization and Institutional Development
  3. Developing Facilitative Practice for Effective Performance
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