AKIJUL has an administrative office that is run by one full time consultant (who is the managing partner), Ms. Ashanut Okille, with support staff. The firm draws on the expertise of its advisors and partners, whose competencies are in multi-disciplinary areas including; Law, Organisation Development, Social Sciences, Development Studies, Economics and Gender. AKIJUL and its networks bring in international, national and local experience in all the firm's areas of expertise and competence.

P.Ashanut Okille (Consultant)

P.Ashanut OkilleAshanut is a Development practitioner with special interest in Governance, Human Rights and Organisational Development. Currently the managing partner of AKIJUL (Enabling Change), her key strengths and skills lie in her ability to facilitate processes in a way that leads to growing consciousness, challenges perspectives and enables individuals and organizations to draw on the best of themselves for their development. In addition to being a process facilitator, Ashanut has a solid grasp of 'content' in her areas of competence and has demonstrated capacity in research and analysis.

Drawing on experience of working at local, national and international level, and using various tools/approaches including the Rights Based Approach to Development (RBA), Gender Analysis, Appreciative Inquiry, Results Based Management, and Adult learning methodologies, Ashanut is capable of: Facilitating the development of Programmes; Conducting Programme Reviews/Assessments; Facilitating Organisational Development processes including diagnosis and the required follow up interventions e.g. team building, leadership training, and strategic planning; Carrying out Research and Policy Analysis.

Ashanut holds an LL.B from Makerere University, Kampala, and an LL.M from the University of Victoria, New Zealand and has attended training courses in Gender, Human rights and Organisational Development.


Mr. Mutahi Ngunyi (Advisor)

Mr. Mutahi Ngunyi Mr. Ngunyi has worked and consulted in more than 15 countries of Africa and Europe. His main areas of competence include policy research, short term studies, evaluations and strategic reviews. He is currently the CEO of Consult Afrika, a research consortium operating in ten countries of Africa and involved in knowledge management.

Mr. Ngunyi has also taught and worked as a researcher in a number of universities and institutions in Kenya and Europe. He also served as the director of an East African research and publishing NGO operating in the Great Lakes Region. Under this NGO, he was the publisher and editor of a number of publications.

Mr. Ngunyi's has undertaken assignments for inter alia, DFID-London, Review of National Action Plans for Small and Light Weapons in Uganda and Kenya.
DFID-East Africa: A Conflict Mapping of Kenya,
SIDA-Kenya: Evaluation of support to civil society in Kenya,
SIDA-Kenya: Developing an Integrated Land And Urban Sector Programme for Government of Kenya and Civil Society,
SIDA-Stockholm: Lake Victoria Initiative (Stockholm, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania),
SIDA-Tanzania: Evaluation of Human Rights Training as part of Local Government Reform Programme.
SIDA Uganda: Evaluation of Human Rights Sector in Uganda.
Development Co-operation Ireland (DCI): Developing the Kenya Recovery Strategy.
DCI: Expert Consultant for the Kenya Recovery Programme.
The Basket Fund for Election 2000 in Tanzania,
CIDA: Evaluation of support to civil society and government in Kenya and Uganda.
Trocaire: Evaluation of LEDAP Nigeria.
Oxfam: Evaluation of Peace-building programme in Rwanda.
International Alert and Amani Forum: Strategic Review and Planning for Members of Parliament in the Great Lakes Region, Africa.
Trócaire: Strategic Review and Planning for Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and Somalia.
Africa Alliance: Evaluation of human development and peace projects in Angola, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Senegal, and Mauritius. Abantu for Development: Strategic Review covering Europe office, Nigeria, Ghana, East and South Africa.

Ms. Judy Kamanyi (Advisor)

Ms. Judy KamanyiMs. Judy Kamanyi has been engaged in development work at national regional and international level for more than 10 years. During this period, she led one of the pioneer women development organizations in Uganda, Action for Development (ACFODE).
She has also worked as an international development consultant affiliated to Associates for Change Ltd, and also headed a regional organization, working on issues of democratic development, good governance and human rights, Kituo Cha Katiba (The East African Centre for Constitutional Development). Ms. Kamayi has participated in numerous conferences and forums at which issues of poverty, development, human rights, the role of civil society and gender have been discussed.

Her areas of competence include:
Facilitating institutional and organizational development, Project/Program Reviews, Evaluation and Assessments, Gender Analysis and Gender Mainstreaming, Peace Building and Conflict Resolution, Public Policy Advocacy, Policy Analysis, Participatory Poverty Assessment, Adult Training Methodologies, Designing Training Guides, Manuals and Handbooks, Project/Program Design and Planning, and Fundraising.
Ms. Kamanyi has carried out consultancies for various international and national development agencies including the World Bank, The British Council, UNDP, Oxfam, Network of Uganda Researchers and Research Users (NURRU), NOVIB, Danida HRDP, DFID, UNIFEM, Uganda National NGO Forum, Care Uganda, Care Tanzania, Panos Eastern Africa, Isis-WICCE and FOWODE.

Mr. Barney Afako(Advisor)

Mr. Barney AfakoBarney Afako, Ugandan lawyer and expert on transitional justice, has practiced law and worked on conflict resolution in Uganda, Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom. He has supported conflict resolution, access to justice and human rights interventions in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Mr. Afako has been a consultant on peace talks for civil society organizations, the Ugandan Amnesty Commission and the government. He is a keen follower of the work of the interventions of the International Criminal Court in Africa, and is currently one of the Legal Advisors to the Ugandan Peace Negotiations in Juba that are seeking the end to the conflict between the Government of Uganda and the Lords Resistance Army.
Mr Afako is also a part-time Immigration Judge in the United Kingdom.

David Anderson Hooker (Advisor)

David Anderson HookerFor over twenty five (25) years, David Anderson Hooker has assisted individuals, groups and communities who needed to conduct important conversations on difficult subjects. Mr. Hooker has been a mediator and facilitator for over eighteen (18) years and has practiced law since 1994. As a lawyer, Mr. Hooker represented the State of Georgia as an Assistant Attorney General in the State Law Department. In the private practice of law, Mr. Hooker has also investigated countless claims of civil rights violations and claims of discrimination based on race, gender, age, religious practice and sexual orientation. Before becoming a mediator and lawyer, Mr. Hooker was a Master’s level clinical psychologist working in an adult outpatient psychiatric clinic providing family, group and individual counseling. As a mediator and facilitator, Mr. Hooker has worked with communities, local and state governments in structuring and implementing community dialogue around issues of public policy and social concern. Mr. Hooker’s breadth of experinence allows him to work simultaneously with diverse populations with divergent interests and structure and facilitate meaningful conversations about complex, technical and often highly emotionally charged issues.

Mr. Hooker most recently served his community as the Vice President of Community Building for the Center for Working Families, Inc. In this role he has developed several leadership development initiatives to allow members of currently marginalized communities to define, lead own, benefit from and sustain the change they desire in their communities. Hooker has also taught and participated in leadership development initiatives in Nigeria, Bosnia, Zimbabwe and Southern Sudan. His leadership development programs center in concepts of democratization, cross racial and ethnic reconciliation, restorative justice, public policy conflict resolution and asset-based community economic development.

Mr. Hooker is an Associate Professor at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg Virginia and an Adjunct Professor at the Institute for Church Administration and Management at the Interdenominational Theological Center (The ITC).

Nicholas Opiyo ( Consultant)

Ms. Nicholas OpiyoFor over Mr. Opiyo is a lawyer with a keen interest in human rights. With experience of working for the International Criminal Court and the Foundation for Human Rights initiative, Mr. Opiyo has been involved in research, advocacy and defense of human rights. He has been involved in police training, training of prison staff and other members of the Justice Law And Order sector. He has also been engaged with communities in discussions during research on human rights. Mr. Opiyo was one of the key facilitators during the National Consultations on Agenda item 3 for the Juba Peace Process.

Grace Kwuyicwiny (Associate Consultant)

Ms. Kwuyicwiny has worked in both Government and Non Government Organizations, national and District Local Government levels and at various consultancy levels have exposed me to a wealth of experience in mobilization and management of material and technical resources and interpretation of policies and frameworks for development. She holds of Masters in Business Administration, and undertook a research in organizational performance and change management for her management development MA thesis.

In the course of her, work she have facilitated gender and HIV AIDS mainstreaming, governance and change management, women and leadership development, micro projects management and networking and advocacy. She has also developed strategies for various programme components including education and market access as well as concept papers for presentations. She have taken up leadership in organizational development, staff performance and reviews, staff reorganization, job evaluation as well as development of Human Resource Policy. She has also managed programmes by spearheading programme development, strategic planning and monitoring and evaluation, and developed financial plans and budgets for large and small projects and implemented financial reviews and audit.

Ms. Kwuyicwiny was one of the key facilitators during the National Consultations on Agenda item 3 for the Juba Peace Process.

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