Akijul works with a number of partners who operate in Uganda and outside Uganda.

East African Support Unit for NGOs (Partner)

The East African Support Unit for NGOs (EASUN) is a regional development organization committed to strengthening civil society organizations in East Africa on the basis of a conviction that strong civil societies are vital for enhancing people's participation in the social and economic spheres of their communities and nations.

EASUN envisions a civil society that is growing as a purposeful and effective advocacy sector in East Africa, guided by organizational principles and practices that foster equality, participation and sustainable development of workplaces and communities.

EASUN strengthens advocacy capacities of CSOs through training of leaders in facilitation skills, organizing sector wide learning and networking opportunities, as well as practice reviews for increased clarity and alignment of values, methodology, systems and structure.

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Isis-Women's International Cross Cultural Exchange (Isis-WICCE) is a global action oriented women's resource centre that emulates "Isis", the ancient Egyptian goddess of Wisdom, Creativity and Knowledge, to promote justice, equality and mutual relationship between women and men. Isis-WICCE was founded IN 1974 in Geneva, Switzerland, with the aim of promoting justice and women's human rights through documentation of women's realities and sharing of information and ideas in order to improve women's status and overcome gender inequality.

In 1993, the organisation relocated from Geneva to Africa, in Kampala, Uganda, with the objective of tapping the voices of African women and integrating them into the global women's knowledge base. Since the relocation Isis-WICCE has focussed on building women's capacity in documentation, peace building and conflict resolution, the use of information and communication technologies for networking, lobbying and advocacy. Isis WICCE’s core purpose is to promote cross-cultural exchange of information and skills for women.

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