AKIJULís Consultants provides the following core services:

  1. Programme Development, Review and Evaluation
  2. Organization and Institutional Development
  3. Developing Facilitative Practice for Effective Performance
  1. Programme Development, Review and Evaluation
  2. Under this core area, AKIJUL has been involved in the development and evaluation of programmes that address Human rights, Governance, HIV/AIDS, Agriculture, Micro-finance, among others. Specific services provided include

    • Facilitating project/programe development
    • Conducting participatory project/ programme reviews and evaluation, including impact assessment.
    • Carrying out research and analysis
    • Accompaniment to organizations that need longer term support in implementing desired changes to their programmes and activities.

    Selected Assignments

    Danida HUGGO(Human Rights and Good Governance Programme): Review of Danida HUGGO support to the Coalition Against Torture

    UNDP/UNV: Final Evaluation of the UNV Support to the Promotion of Human Rights in Uganda Project (UGA/02/V01)

    SIDA(Swedish Development Agency): Assessment of Danida HUGGO Anti-Corruption programme, and the Legal Aid Basket Fund

    Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU): Review and development of a simplified Universal Monitoring Tool

    Trocaire East Africa: Review of Trocaireís support to various Uganda partners including Uganda Debt Network and the Uganda Child Rights NGO Network.

    Austrian Development Cooperation (ADA): Review of Support to Programmes in Northern Uganda

  3. Organisation and Institutional Development
  4. Under this thematic area, AKIJUL facilitates OD and Institutional Development (ID) processes, and any follow up interventions that may be required after diagnosis. Specific services include:

    • Assessment of the functioning of organization system and structures
    • Facilitating organization design and set up
    • Facilitating organization diagnosis
    • Design and implementation of follow-up interventions (after diagnosis) which may include team building, leadership training, mentoring, among others.
    • Accompaniment to organizations that need longer term support in implementing desired changes to their institutional and organizational arrangements.

    Selected Assignments

    Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC): Streamlining and review of the roles of Commissioners of the Uganda Human Rights Commission

    Lake Victoria Regional Local Authorities Cooperation(LVRLAC): Facilitated a Board/Executive Committee Induction workshop

    Danida Human Rights and Good Governance Programme (HUGGO): Organisation assessment of the Arua Justice and Peace Commission (focus on Governance)

    Norwegian Peopleís Aid, Rwanda: Organisational Capacity Assessment of four national NGO Partners

  5. Facilitative Practice for improved performance and effectiveness
  6. Under this area, AKIJUL provides facilitation for workshops, meetings and strategic thinking and/or planning processes. AKIJUL also provides training and coaching in facilitation, in addition to specific coaching in facilitative leadership. Specific services include:

    • Providing training in key facilitation skills and techniques
    • Coaching to strengthen skills in facilitation
    • Coaching (building on reflective practice) to strengthen and improve skills in facilitative leadership.

    Selected Assignments

    CARE Uganda: Coaching for CARE Uganda staff in facilitating dialogues for Strategic Impact Inquiry (process for assessing the impact of their work)

    CORE Initiative: Facilitating a review and planning workshop

    Oxfam GB (Somalia): Facilitating the development of a National Change strategy

    CARE East and Central Africa Regional Office: Facilitation of planning workshops

    Uganda Amnesty Commission : Facilitated and managed national consultations on the Juba Peace Process Agenda Item 3: Accountability and Reconciliation, 2007

  7. Conference Rapportuering
  8. AKIJUL also provides Rapportuering services. The issues covered and format of the reports are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

    Selected Assignments

    Association of Women Lawyers- Uganda (FIDA U): Report of the FIDA Africa Annual Meeting, 2007

    Hope for African Children Initiative(HACI): Report of the TENS(Technical Exchange Networks) Forum, 2007

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